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1st August 2014

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1st August 2014

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1st August 2014

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An Octopus unscrewing a lid from the inside.

Octopuses are going to kill us all someday

I had a biology teacher that told us this story about an octopus at an aquarium in Australia. The staff were concerned because their population of crustaceans kept disappearing. No bodies or anything. So they checked the video feed to find out what’s up.

Across from the the crustacean tank was a small octopus tank. This little fucker squeezed out of a tiny hole at the top of his tank, walk across the hall, and get into the crustacean tank. He would then hunt and eat. After he was done, he crawled back out and get back in his tank

Here’s the kicker: security guards patrolled the area. The staff realized that the octopus had memorized the security’s routine. It would escape and be back between the guards’ round.

My friend who worked at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska had as similar story.  Rare fish were disappearing, they suspected theft, and so set up a camera. An octopus was unlocking the top of its tank, walking across the suspended walkway, unlocking the other tank, eating his fill, re-locking the other tank, then re-locking its own tank.

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1st August 2014

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Vegan Garlic Bread Round Up

Vegan Lemon Herb Garlic Buns

Herb Garlic Bread

Vegan Garlic Bread

Cheezy Vegan Flourless Cauliflower Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

Mini Garlic Bread Cheeze Toasts (SF)

Mini Cheezy Garlic Breadsticks

Vegan Cheesy Garlic Rolls

Vegan Minestrone & Garlic Bread

Vegan Steak with Garlic Bread

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1st August 2014

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Sanctuary Bistro opens this weekend in Berkeley! →


Gluten-free vegans rejoice! Sanctuary Bistro is officially opening this weekend, and it’s sure to be spectacular! (Anyone want to fly me up there from LA to be your date??) Using local, seasonal, organic, gluten-free, vegan ingredients, Barry Horton and Jennifer Jones Horton’s food is…

1st August 2014

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Orlando, who was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cipriani restaurant on Wednesday night, was very, very angry, when Justin, who didn’t have a reservation at the eatery, approached their table to try to talk to the actors.

DiCaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand, leading Bieber to provoke a fight which saw Bloom jump over a sofa to get at the 20-year-old Baby singer at the restaurant.

(x) this just keeps getting better

dicaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand


god, bieber is such a prick

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1st August 2014

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i can’t believe people get so angry about a bisexual spider-man. whatever. have your shitty bi/homophobic opinions. you’re an asshole anyway. i just can’t believe you’re robbing everyone of all the glorious ‘swings both ways’ jokes

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1st August 2014

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Deadpool #27
Wade asks people to marry him and Shiklah

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1st August 2014

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Who is really using human shields? The IDF of course.

I think the most ironic thing about this whole “Hamas uses human shields” allegation, is that the IDF is notorious for using Palestinians as human shields.

This is far from unusual:

B’Tselem: IDF uses Palestinians as human shield.

B’Tselem: IDF used Palestinian girl as human shield in Nablus.

Two IDF soldiers charged with using 9 year old human shield in Gaza.

Video showing IDF using Palestinians as human shields in Gaza.

Israel has constantly used this allegation not only against civilians in Gaza, but also when it bombed civilian populations in Lebanon during the 2006 war. Witness accounts and international rights organizations have stated time and time again that no evidence to this has been found either in Lebanon or in Gaza.

But somehow, the word of Israel, a country that needs to hire people to spread its propaganda online, still has a shred of credibility.

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1st August 2014

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shit they’re finding our weak spots


shit they’re finding our weak spots

1st August 2014

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Kids will be kids!


Kids will be kids!

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1st August 2014

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theyre so canon its disgusting that theyre not canon: a novel

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1st August 2014

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Before he was this season’s leading goal scorer for sportingkansascity, Dom Dwyer was just a kid with a dream, and let’s face it, pretty adorable too.

Watch the new MLS Insider, Being Dwyer, here

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1st August 2014

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This is not a tasty gummy sweet but a Jewel Caterpillar found in Amazon Rainforest. They are covered with sticky goo-like, gellatinous tubercles that provides protection from its predator like ants until they metamorphosise into winged moths.



literal pokemon

have you seen the cocoon it makes though? image

it’s so pretty as a baby, it looks like an actual gem. then suddenly it pupates into a net thing and when it comes out it looks like the fucking Lorax 


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1st August 2014

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i only go on the internet like once a day for approx 24 hours

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